Minor League Game Ends In Chaos & Both Teams Wanting To Fight Umpire Who Had To Be Kicked Out Of The Ballpark

There are Atlantic League endings and then there's what we saw last night in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where both teams wanted to kick an umpire's ass after a controversial ending that included the umpire taking off his shoe and throwing it in the air.

By now, you guys should know that I'm not going to waste your time with a video post. This one has the goods. Dive in and watch this action. First base umpire P.J. McConville has entered the chat.

Good one, right?

I've been watching baseball games and blogging for a few years and I've never seen both teams go after the same umpire, especially after he just gifted Lancaster a win over High Point in an explosive independent baseball league game, but that's exactly what happened.

This isn't the first time McConville has found himself involved in umpiring controversy. Way back in 2006, P.J. was umpiring an American Legion game and made headlines for allegedly baiting a manager into being fired and then throwing fans out of the same game. Then he held up the game for 20 minutes waiting for ejected fans to leave.

It was so bad in 2006 that a Pittsburgh reporter actually wrote a story about McConville's antics. Now P.J.'s on the other end of the state creating headlines and commotion.

Back to Lancaster.

You're not hearing things, that's former Twins World Series hero Frank Viola, the Lancaster Barnstormers' pitching coach, all the way out in right field joining the fray and ordering the umpire to get the hell out of the ballpark.

These two teams get it on again tonight with a 6:30 first pitch and it's expected the same umpiring crew will be back.

Things are about to get real interesting during the meeting at home plate. Stay tuned.

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