Mike Trout Calls Out MLB & Rob Manfred Amid Lockout

Mike Trout just wants to play baseball. We've always known that, as baseball's most out of the spotlight superstar has largely remained quiet amid the ongoing MLB lockout.

But in the wake of MLB commissioner Rob Manfred and the owners failing to reach a deal with the MLBPA on a new collective bargaining agreement Tuesday, the Angels outfielder publicly made it known of how he feels.

“I want to play, I love our game, but I know we need to get this CBA right,” Trout said via Twitter Wednesday. "Instead of bargaining in good faith — MLB locked us out. Instead of negotiating a fair deal — Rob canceled games.

“Players stand together. For our game, for our fans, and for every player who comes after us. We owe it to the next generation.”

MLB officially locked the players out on Dec. 2 and then proceeded to wait six weeks before meeting with the MLBPA at the negotiating table. Nine days in Jupiter, Florida ended without a deal and with the further diminishing of a game with declining ratings, attendance and interest. The result is the first two series of the regular season being canceled, including Opening Day on Thursday, March 31.

Cubs starting pitcher Marcus Stroman, one of baseball's most outspoken athletes, called out Manfred multiple times on Twitter.

Being outspoken is typical for Stroman -- not for Trout, the three-time AL MVP. That makes Trout's words all that more impactful, as they represent baseball's very best sticking up for the players and fans.

Manfred has called out Trout in the past, saying in 2018 that he would be a bigger star nationwide if he learned how to market himself better.

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