Mets Players Apologize For Gesture Directed At Fans, Steve Cohen Makes A Fool of Himself

Francisco Lindor, Javy Baez, and Kevin Pillar thought it would be a good idea to "boo" Mets fans for booing them last week. As we all expected, they have now been forced to apologize. Kevin Pillar gives an especially weak performance.

And then finally, Mets owner Steve Cohen made this all awkward with a tweet of his own:

But just as you thought this whole thing couldn't be more of a circus, Kevin Pillar and Marcus Stroman tweeted like everything was great:

Why are players handling this incident like they don't have cellphones that allow them to seek advice from just about anyone? These guys first took it upon themselves to boo unhappy fans, and then compound the problem by tweeting that it's "an amazing Tuesday"?

Tuesday should be miserable for the players and staff as they sit seven games behind the ailing Atlanta Braves in the division. Stroman and company have smiles on their faces now because they're proving winning doesn't dictate their mood the way it does for fans. The fans are the only ones in this equation that aren't making out with a profit. Pay hundreds to get in the park, followed by a twelve dollar soda, and then witness an inevitable loss. Players walk away with checks, regardless of outcome, a reality that is written all over their faces.

And to address Steve Cohen, who clearly believes he's George Steinbrenner or Clippers' Steve Ballmer: Steve, pipe down. There are moments to get involved and enjoy the fruits of social media, and then there are times to sit down and shut up. Now's the time to handle business behind closed doors and acknowledge your players made a massive mistake.

He even had some fun with it, somehow:

The Mets are a smoldering turd right now and are in desperate need of a plunger. And we hope they get better soon because regardless of how we may feel about them, baseball is better when both New York squads are winning. Right now, Citi Field is the place where baseball fans go to get ripped off.