Mets Pitcher Chris Bassitt Rips 'Ridiculous' MLB COVID Policy

Mets right hander Chris Bassitt isn't scheduled to take the mound until this evening, but that didn't stop the pitcher from throwing heat on Thursday.

Returning to the club after a stint on the IL because he tested positive for COVID (yeah, I guess that's still a thing...), Bassitt torched Major League Baseball for continuing to test players and hinted that he'd likely hide his results if he had to go through with the same charade again.

“It’s ridiculous we’re still doing it,” Bassit said of MLB COVID protocols, via SNY. “Stop testing it. Stop acting like COVID is far worse than a lot of other things. I’m not trying to get too much into it, but I was never sick, never had a symptom. So, sitting out for two weeks or a week for zero symptoms, I don’t know.”

The 33-year-old pitcher felt sluggish after a late June start and begrudgingly tested himself as a way to abide by team and MLB protocols.

“I tested myself and it was positive, so I basically had the choice to tell them so I could kind of protect my teammates or not say anything and put my teammates at risk a little bit," Bassitt told SNY. “But, I mean, I never had a symptom. I woke up fine, the next day fine, haven’t had a symptom since, so I don’t know if I made the right decision of saying something or not. I don’t know.”

Cue the mask brigade!

Bassitt, who was acquired by New York in the offseason and sports a 6-5 record, took it a step further, contemplating the idea of keeping quiet after future tests, no doubt sending the Fauci freaks into a tizzy.

“Now they’re coming out and saying we possibly could get tested, we could possibly come back positive multiple times in a month,” he added, “So we’ve got to miss multiple times – I guess the answer is I should never have said anything. I should never have said that I tested positive, and I probably won’t the rest of my career. There’s no way, there’s no reason.”

New York has generally used Bassitt as the third pitcher in their starting rotation, but they may want to rethink that. He proved on Thursday that he's Ace material.


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