Major League Baseball And The MLBPA Are Currently Meeting In Florida

In a week in which multiple meetings between Major League Baseball and the MLBPA are expected to take place, today's meeting is going longer than usual. It's already been over an hour, which blows their last meeting of 15 minutes out of the water.

We don't know how enthused we should be right now, but it's always a positive that both sides showed up looking to work.

So far, we've received a ton of negative feedback about the owners from players who partake in these meetings. And while we agree that Rob Manfred has been a mockery to the sport, we also should acknowledge a key point:

The players are at fault as well.

That doesn't necessarily mean they're "responsible" for the current lockout, but they have a role in this because negotiations should've gotten done long ago. Hopefully this week's meetings are a step in the right direction, or better yet, that the two sides reach an agreement in the coming days.

Delays to Spring Training have already begun, and we can only hope we don't miss too much of the 2022 regular season. The owners might be able to afford that blow, but baseball as a whole can't.

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