Longhorns Catcher Suspended For Drinking From A Flask During Game

With one swig from a flask, Texas Longhorns catcher Preston Hoffart has reportedly been suspended from the program. Danny Davis of the Austin Statesman reports Hoffart got a pull off the flask during a game Tuesday night in San Marcos where the Longhorns beat Texas State 9-8.

As of Thursday night, Hoffart's bio had been removed from the team's website.

"Sit back and relax," Hoffart wrote on Instagram in early February while posing in his Texas jersey in front of a theater billboard that reads "Welcome to the show."

Now it appears Hoffart has already been kicked out of the show for putting on a content show for social media.

It's been an interesting week for college baseball's No. 1 team. Tuesday you had Hoffart grabbing a pull and then Wednesday the Longhorns lost at home to Texas State 6-4. It was just the second time in program history that Texas State had beaten a No. 1 team on the road. The other time that happened? 2005.

Texas went on to win the College World Series that season.

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