Ladies' Fight Night: Fists Fly In The Bleachers At White Sox Game

Oh nooooo you didn't! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! It was go time Monday night at new Comiskey where the ladies dropped the gloves and threw haymakers in the bleachers as the White Sox faced the Cardinals on ESPN.

There are no details here. You get what you get, including a poor guy trying to break up the brawl only to get ragdolled by the warring factions. There was hair-pulling, hammerfists, beers being tossed. It was one of those nights where you have to figure COVID tensions boiled over. Someone had a couple of pops, emotions have been high for 14 months and that turns into a brawl.

Nancy, who posted the fight video, seemed to feel pretty early on that it wasn't going to be a quiet Monday night in the bleachers. "It feels like a Friday night at the Sox game. The crowd in the bleachers are going insane," she tweeted

Put another one on the board....YES! It's May 25 and this year already has a world-class knockout from Padres fan, of all people, and a ladies' fight night. Baseball officially has my attention.

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