Jose Altuve Gets Booed In First At-bat With Fans

In José Altuve's first at-bat with fans in attendance--he was booed. Goes to show that the fans don't forget anything.

Especially when you cheat.

After a dismal 60-game season, Jose was probably hoping for some peace and normalcy in his first season with fans. Fortunately for the fans of baseball, we get to decide what type of treatment he receives. He can't rob competitive balance from a generation of baseball fans and expect no repercussions.

And for those of you who are wondering why fans haven't let this go:

Last season having no fans essentially delayed the Astros' punishment. We never wish injury on any player, but we do hope for a long and miserable season for Altuve and crew. After all the excuses they've made, the least they could do is be uncomfortable.

Pound sand, Jose.

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