Jon Heyman Offers The Worst Baseball Take of All Time

Baseball could use a shot in the arm, and plenty of fans believe a few subtle rule changes could do the trick. Apparently MLB Network's Jon Heyman believes that we should tweak the unclear rules regarding the check swing, and to express that belief, he offered the worst take in sports history.

And before anyone asks, no, I'm not surprised it came from him. Watch:

If this actually happened, every single Major League player would hit .000. Boy would that be fun to watch! A bunch of hitters already struggling with 100-mile-an-hour fastballs having an even shorter window to make a decision on a swing. Just a mind numbingly asinine idea from Jon Heyman.

And I want to point out the most important lesson that 4-minute fart out the mouth has taught us: Baseball players should influence the rules, not 50-some-year-olds in cheap suits. Because what happens when baseball alters one of these rules and undermines the entire sport? You can damage the sport for decades by creating an unrecognizable and unentertaining product.

"But Gary, they'll test any garbage rule in the minors first, so don't worry"

I'm worried anyway. Remember when we all thought that "minor league testing period" would spare us from ridiculous rules and then the extra inning rule appeared out of thin air? That's the type of danger this sport is in. People who don't like baseball, like commissioner Rob Manfred, can just change the sport in a snap.

Don't underestimate the tomfoolery that was just spewed by Jon Heyman since it's only two head nods away from being put into action. Maybe Heyman blocking me on Twitter was a blessing? I would've been blocked all over again anyway, had he read this.

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