Jesus Sanchez Launched MLB's Longest Homer Of Season

If chicks still dig the long ball, they're gonna love Marlins outfielder Jesus Sanchez.

On Monday Sanchez channeled his inner-Mark McGwire and launched a ball nearly 500 feet! The dinger traveled 496 feet and currently stands as the longest home run hit in the majors this year.

Sanchez' blast came off of Rockies righty Ryan Feltner in the second inning of Miami's Monday tilt with Colorado. The deep shot by Sanchez was the lone bright spot for the Marlins who fell 7-1. Mike Trout's 472-foot rake from earlier this spring was MLB's previous longest blast of the 2022 campaign.

The Sanchez bomb landed in the right field upper deck and left Marlins manager Don Mattingly seeking a closer look. “You’ll hit some more ,” Mattingly said following the loss. “But not very many like that one. I’d like to see a picture from where that ball landed. It probably looks like it’s two blocks away.”

Prior to Monday's game at Coors Field, Sanchez had just four homers on the season and had been hitting .215. “Hopefully it spurs him forward a little bit,” Mattingly added. “And it gets him on track.”

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