Jesus Luzardo Goes On IL After Breaking Finger Playing Video Game

Jesus Luzardo, a lefty starting pitcher for the Oakland A's, has been placed on the Injured List after breaking his finger -- PLAYING VIDEO GAMES. If you're a Tigers fan, then look away because this should give you flashbacks of Joel Zumaya.

Officially a left pinky hairline fracture. Brutal.

"Accidentally" is a hysterical way to describe slamming a desk deliberately and doing more damage than you ever thought possible. Anyone who's played video games can attest that we all do this. Snapped controllers, shattered TVs, holes in the dry wall -- you name it. However, most of us have never broken a finger doing so. That's why seeing a professional athlete derail his sports career for virtual reality is a tough watch.

Luzardo was placed on the 10-day IL and will be re-evaluated upon his return. We sure hope everything recovers properly and he can get back to helping the A's win baseball games.

The 23-year-old has a 5.79 ERA with 30 strikeouts on the young season, so maybe that improves after the break (no pun intended)?

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