Javy Baez Is Upset New York Is Booing The Team

Ever since the Mets traded for Javy Baez, the team has suddenly fallen into a dry spell that's drawn plenty boos from New York. Now players like Baez are celebrating big hits by giving a 'thumbs down' in response to the booing.

Turning on the fanbase that makes you relevant in the first place isn't exactly a smart move.

"We're not machines, Baez said. "we're going to struggle. It just feels bad when I strikeout and I get booed. We're going to do the same thing to let them know how it feels."

The ole' tit for tat mentality, huh, Javy? And, Javy, we know you're not a machine, dude. You're hitting .240, so this is going to fail miserably as you approach free agency. What better reason could there possibly be to let Baez walk than something like this?

And what the two-time All-Star doesn't seem to grasp is that New York is as marketable as it is because the "fans" are actually fanatics. When you do well, they'll cheer louder than any city. Go through an 0-for-20 skid, and they'll scream like your aunt at Thanksgiving. Bottom line is that New Yorkers love their teams, and it's hard to play for them. It's called "pressure." If you don't succeed, there will be consequences, and without saying it, Javy Baez just said: I can't deal with the pressure of New York.

When people say that a player is "built for New York," they really mean that player is accountable and has a unique ability to block out the noise that only gets louder the worse you play. Don't like it? Play better.

Baez will surely speak later today and explain how this message got out of hand. He'll praise the fanbase for their passion, but it'll be too late. Even Francisco Lindor, who just signed a ten-year, $341 million extension with the team, is in on it:

Complete fools.


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