Houston Astros Heading To World Series After Closing Out Game 6, ALCS Against Boston Red Sox, 5-0

The Houston Astros are headed to their third World Series in the past five years.

Houston edged Boston for the ALCS win, 4-2, on Friday night by shutting out the Red Sox, 5-0. Yordan Alvarez was named the ALCS MVP.

Alvarez recorded four hits on the night, registering a triple and two doubles. The Astros were not just uplifted by Alvarez's swinging, but rookie pitcher Luis Garciá's six-inning, no-hit streak that kept the Red Sox staring down their postseason demise.

A team on the mend since an adulterated World Series win in 2017, the Houston Astros have remained composed against the backlash throughout the years — fighting their way back to the big stage. The club appeared in the 2019 World Series against the Washington Nationals, pushing the series to seven games and losing 4-3.

Astros reliever Ryan Pressly retired the remaining Red Sox sluggers in the bottom of the ninth and spoke on the team's resilience, which has culminated into the American League pennant clinched Friday night.

"Somebody said, 'When you win, you get to point the finger at your teammates. When you lose, you point it at yourself,'" commented an emotional Pressly. "And I'm so blessed to have these guys as my teammates. It's unbelievable and the clubhouse atmosphere is unbelievable. I'm pumped right now.

"Nobody's opinion matters except in that clubhouse. Everybody in there, all they care about is picking up their teammate and just passing the baton on to the next guy. That's all we wanna do all year."

The Houston Astros await the victor from the NLCS matchup between the Dodgers and Braves. Reported Friday, the Dodgers expect to play without Max Scherzer on the mound, facing a grim Saturday evening contest to stay alive in the series, currently down 3-2.

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