House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Visits Atlanta, Rails MLB Decision To Move All-Star Game

House GOP minority leader Kevin McCarthy hit Atlanta and became the latest politician to unload on Major League Baseball for moving its All-Star Game out of the city.

McCarthy said baseball leaders were misled by criticism from President Joe Biden after Georgia Republicans' decision to enact a new voting law.

“These are real-life effects of people making poor decisions that has hurt this community as a whole,” McCarthy said of the MLB's decision while speaking to a group at a suburban Atlanta restaurant.

Biden declared the Republican law "un-American," seemingly supporting baseball's decision to relocate the game. Without the game, Atlanta businesses will miss out on the extra revenue from tourism that typically coincides with All-Star festivities.

McCarthy suggested MLB make up for the lost revenue to Atlanta businesses that were already suffering from the effects of COVID-19.

This year's All-Star Game is now scheduled for July 13 at Denver's Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies.

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