Guardians Rookie Steven Kwan Making MLB History

Cleveland Guardians rookie Steven Kwan, the 24-year old that's taken baseball by storm, can officially say he's 1 of 1. Kwan reached base safely 15 times in his first four contests, which is the most from a player since 1901. And what's equally impressive is that he broke this record with a clutch bases-clearing triple in the top of the eight inning to give the Guardians a 9-5 lead over the Royals. Oh, and he hasn't swung and missed this season.

Is there anything this kid can't do?

Most old school fans of baseball don't hate today's game, they despise the "boom or bust" offensive approach. Kwan refreshingly provides a breath of fresh air that prides himself as a contact-first player that's somehow managed to make contact on every swing he's taken this season. That's 19 plate appearances with solid contact because he's also flexing on baseball with a .692 batting average and an OPS of 1.789. He's not just slapping balls in the infield for outs -- he's raking. Obviously he won't maintain this because it's the big leagues and players always make adjustments to outlier talents, but we have to give Steven Kwan his credit for what he's accomplishing thus far.

Here's video of ALL 15 times Steven Kwan reached base the first week of the season:

And while Kwan is snatching souls from baseball teams around the league, he's also nabbing a base (literally) from every ball park he plays at so far.

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