Golf Model Paige(views) Spiranac & Padres Fans Are At War & It's Getting Ugly

I haven't seen such fight from San Diego fans since the old days when blood would cover the parking lot at Jack Murphy after Raiders-Chargers games. San Diego Padres fans are at war with Instagram golf model Paige Spiranac, who didn't make Club Pro Guy's Hottest Instagram Golfers list, after she took a shot at the Padres uniforms.

"The Padres uniforms are terrible and I'm not just saying that because a Padres fan told me to choke on a d--k today," Spiranac wrote on Twitter Tuesday night during game one of the Padres-Dodgers NLDS matchup.

The war between Spiranac and Padres fans really heated up over the weekend when she took a shot at them as they celebrated winning the wild card series. "Tonight I learned Padres fans are scary and to never question their loyalty. I’m sorry," she wrote.

I wasn't even going to pay attention to Padres-Dodgers, but now I have no choice because Paige(views) Spiranac is going to keep trolling people that have been through so much over the last few years after losing the Chargers. This is all Padres fans have, and you better believe they're not going to let some golf model insult them without responding in kind.


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