Giancarlo Stanton Had A Rough Time In Right Field Last Night

After Giancarlo Stanton already misplayed a blooper off the bat of Twins shortstop Carlos Correa in last night's 8-1 loss, he made an even worse play just moments later. It really made us realize Stanton is probably best off in left field or at DH. Maybe it was just a bad night, but even he admitted after the game how bad it was.

"I’ve got to make those plays and put us in a better situation to not let the game break away (from us),’’ Stanton said. “It wasn’t my best night out there. From my perspective, I was off by a few feet and thought I was closer to the wall. Those are mistakes that can’t happen."

What's made Stanton's tenure in pinstripes widely considered a success is his ability to remain accountable. The former NL MVP has had his fair share of struggles with streaky at-bats and injuries, however he's always put his hand up and admitted when he had to get better. And usually he does. Last night was one of those nights where he looked like about as uncomfortable as a hooker in church.

But what stood out about his play in the field yesterday was his inability to read fly balls. Struggling to find the wall when you're tracking at the wall is much easier said than done so we can give him a pass there, but the reads must improve if he's going to play right field while Aaron Judge mans center.

Aaron Boone was asked postgame about Stanton's play in right field.

"He’s good at it and he likes doing it," Boone said. "He’s got an accurate arm, reads the ball well, runs good routes and when he gets his hands on it, he catches it."

We get it. Managers have to pretend expectations are through the roof no matter who's out there. And also we couldn't really care any less if a player likes playing a position -- he just has to be good at it.

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