For Trevor Bauer, The Bad News Keeps On Coming

Former Cleveland Indians starter and Reds Cy Young award winner Trevor Bauer is in the headlines again, and once again he's in it for all the wrong reasons.

Bauer, who took home the award as a member of the Cincinnati Reds this past offseason, is in hot water again following a new story released that was published in the Los Angeles Times.

The 30-year-old Bauer this season is 8-5, sporting an ERA of $3.4 million last year to “remain silent.”

Via the Washington Post Bauer now has a temporary order of protection after allegedly physically abusing an Ohio woman and making a death threat toward her.

Bauer's already on administrative leave by Major League Baseball following the women's allegations of misconduct.

For now Bauer's leave via Major League Baseball has been extended to August 20th as he continues to work his way back to the Major League level.

Bauer, who has not pitched since June 28th, is on paid administrative leave through at least August 20th.

“This is a continuation by the woman and her attorneys to make good on their threats to harm me by perpetuating false narrative,” Bauer said on social media this past week.

“This has been a game to her from the beginning but my life is not a game and I won’t stand by idly and allow this conduct to continue.”

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