Ex-Angels Employee Sentenced To 22 Years In Jail After Role In 27-Year-Old Tyler Skaggs' Death

Eric Kay, a former Los Angeles Angels media relations director, was sentenced to 22 years in prison for his role in the overdose death of 27-year-old Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs. A federal judge made the announcement Tuesday in Fort Worth.

Kay provided Skaggs with oxycodone for years, as relayed by The Los Angeles Times, and was responsible for the fatal portion that killed Skaggs on July 1, 2019.

Skaggs' family released a statement on the 22-year sentence.

“Eric Kay knew that the drugs he was giving to my son and other players laced with fentanyl,” Skaggs’ mother, Debbie, said.

She added that “a strict sentence … has the power to dissuade people from providing lethal drugs to others.”

Aftermath Of Tyler Skaggs' Death

Skaggs death sent waves through MLB.

Both Skaggs and Kay both suffered from addiction. In 2019, Skaggs traveled with the team to Texas for a matchup against the Rangers and joined Kay at a hotel room in Southlake, where the player partook in the lethal drugs.

The Angels pitcher was drinking alcohol alongside his opioid use that day.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration communicated with Kay in their investigation of Skaggs' death. Kay was compliant with the DEA's request.

Later on, Kay demonstrated a surprising shift after a phone call recording of him conveyed troubling remarks about his connection to Skaggs.

"I hope people realize what a piece of s**t he was,” Kay said, referring to Skaggs in a recorded phone call, as relayed by The Athletic, "Well, he’s dead, so f**k him."

In memoriam, Kay said the following on the effect of Skaggs' death in 2019:

“Nothing anyone does will ever provide closure for the Skaggs family,” Kay said. “I can’t, the Angels can’t, and the courts can’t, regardless of what happens there. But at least I can help them ‘know’ instead of ‘wonder.’ My hope is that there is some peace in that for them.”