Curt Schilling Talks Aaron Judge Hype, Yankees Broadcaster Michael Kay And MLB's Current Best Player

MLB is celebrating the incredible feat in baseball history that was Aaron Judge's 61st home run.

The score tied Judge with fellow Yankee Roger Maris for the single-season home run lead (61) in American League history, and the incredible season by Judge is stirring talks that he may be the best slugger ever.

Putting out that hype is former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling, who joined Dan Dakich Thursday morning to hit a variety of topics: including Judge's historic run and how the Yankees player still has a way to go to be considered the best at anything.

Schilling threw absolute heat alongside Dakich.

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"What Aaron Judge is doing is fun to watch and all the great things about it. But there's no comparison. He's not even in the same galaxy as Barry Bonds. Not even close," Schilling said, segueing to someone he thinks is still head and shoulders above Judge.

"Barry Bonds didn't strike out. Barry Bonds didn't swing and miss. Judge's got the 167 punchouts this year. That's a decade for Bonds in many ways.

"The thing that made Bonds amazing during that run was, and I talk to young pitchers when we were in pitchers meetings about this, I said, listen, 'If you don't throw 95, don't. Just don't.' Bonds won't swing and miss that. He had a 3-2 backdoor slider to the opposite field for a grand slam. Like, okay, nobody does that."

Constructive Criticism For Yankees Broadcaster Michael Kay

Schilling also spoke on Yankees play-by-play broadcaster Michael Kay.

Kay called Judge's historic run on Wednesday night — Schilling thinks he should've cooled his jets during the big moment.

"I have some personal bias because Michael Kay for some reason decided that after we were friends that he was going to say some things about me that weren't true. And so I think he's kind of a d*ck. But, you know, it was a moment that needed to just breathe it.

"You know, the thing that the thing that's missed and that is, Aaron Judge, is if you look at him, he's a very stoic guy. He doesn't show emotion. He hits home runs, puts his head down. And he wasn't on that one. He was fired up. And it was the I guarantee it was the giant monkey off his back. There's no doubt he's been thinking about it.

"I just wanted to see and feel the moment. I didn't need Michael Kay. to explain to me that he just had a 61st home run and that it was more than anybody since Roger Maris."

Trying to Catch Trout ... Mike Trout

Schilling interrupted the elite talk around Judge by name-dropping a slugger out in Anaheim, whom he believes is still the best player in baseball.

"I think him staying in New York would be much better for the game than him going somewhere else. I mean, if he goes to Anaheim ... is he Mike Trout? Because Mike Trout is still, in my mind, the greatest player anybody alive has ever seen," Schilling firmly stated.

"And, you know, 's a Vladimir Guerrero in many ways. Guerrero played in Montreal for pretty much his entire career. And in many ways, when he went on the ballot, people like, wow, he really was a Hall of Famer."

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