Could Door Be Opening For MLB Franchise In Nashville?

Major League Baseball has given the Oakland A's permission to explore a move, and Nashville is being mentioned as a possible spot for relocation.

But all of that is speculation, and even those trying to bring a MLB team to Nashville have serious doubts.

That includes John Loar, the executive director of Music City Baseball, a group that's trying to bring a major leaguer franchise to the city.

"Major League Baseball has always said there's going to be no conversation about expansion until Oakland and Tampa get resolved," Loar said, via the Nashville Tennessean. "I think this is one step in that direction. It potentially opens the door for relocation here in this market and I also think it's one step closer in the conversation of expansion." 

Loar added that if any team moves to Nashville, he suspects it will be the Tampa Bay Rays, not the A's. But as he noted, all of this gives the expansion conversation some steam.

"I don't think Oakland is going to come to this market; I think Oakland is going to stay on the West Coast because of the way the leagues are situated," Loar said.

"I don't think Oakland comes to this time zone. If there are two expansion teams, I think one will be in the West and one will be in the East or in the South. The South is a great market. Nashville is a top market, in my opinion. This just shows that unless a city is willing to support its team, they're probably going to go to a market that will." 

Las Vegas and Charlotte are other cities that have been mentioned as possible A's relocation destinations.