College World Series Attendance Soars Even After Kicking Out NC State

The College World Series sure loves Mississippi State Bulldogs fans. Why? Because with a deciding Game 3 against Vanderbilt set for Wednesday night, Bulldogs fans have pushed TD Ameritrade Park to the brink of a new all-time CWS attendance figure.

Average attendance for 2021 College World Series games sat at 22,396 through Monday's Game 1 between MSU and Vandy. Tonight's Game 3 is expected to push the total attendance figure over 357,646, the previous record set in 2017 over 16 games, according to Keep in mind, this 2021 attendance figure includes a big fat ZERO attendance when Saturday's Vandy-NC State game was called off after the NCAA sent the Wolfpack home due to COVID protocols.

Miss. St. fans have picked up the slack created by the NCAA's dumb rules. CWS games involving the Dawgs have an average attendance of 23,325. With TD Ameritrade Park capacity at 24,000, that means scalpers have an opportunity to turn a wild profit for tonight's Game 3 where scalpers are asking over $1,000 for prime seats to the deciding game. The cheapest get-in ticket is at $95 with most pairs featuring a $200-plus price tag.

June 19
Game 1: Stanford vs. NC State, 22,193
Game 2: Vanderbilt vs. Arizona, 23,870
June 20
Game 3: Tennessee vs. Virginia, 22,130
Game 4: Texas vs. Mississippi State, 23,885
June 21
Game 5: Arizona vs. Stanford, 19,341
Game 6: NC State vs. Vanderbilt, 23,712
June 22
Game 7: Texas vs. Tennessee, 19,150
Game 8: Mississippi State vs. Virginia, 22,803
June 23
Game 9: Vanderbilt vs. Stanford, 22,804
June 24
Game 10: Texas vs. Virginia, 23,173
June 25
Game 11: Vanderbilt vs. NC State, 20,538
Game 12: Mississippi State vs. Texas, 24,003
June 26
Game 13: Mississippi State vs. Texas, 21,883
Final 1: Mississippi State vs. Vanderbilt, 24,052
Final 2: Mississippi State vs. Vanderbilt 24,122

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