College Baseball Coach Fired After Lawsuit Details Wild Penis-Swinging & Mental Abuse Allegations

Just when you thought you'd heard it all from the world of college baseball when a Texas Longhorns bullpen catcher drank from a flask during a game, along comes a wild lawsuit alleging penis-swinging and mental abuse of players.

The University of San Francisco announced Sunday it had fired baseball coach Nino Giarratano after learning of a lawsuit in which the coach was accused of "persistent psychological abuse and repeated inappropriate sexual conduct."

Another coach, Troy Nakamura, who is also named in the lawsuit brought by USF players, was fired in January.

Let's get to the nitty-gritty of this lawsuit:

• Players allege Giarratano allowed a culture to develop where "it was normal" for Nakamura to be naked on the field, or a window, "swinging his penis in a helicopter fashion when the entire team and -- watched."

• John Doe 1 claims Giarratano used profanity and berated him until he left the program.

• John Doe 2 says he visited the emergency room five times in the fall of 2021 after verbal and emotional abuse via the program.

• John Doe 3 claims the head coach called him a waste of space and told him, "I wish I could take my bat and hit your head as hard as I can and maybe I can get your brain to work."

Three plaintiffs told the S.F. Chronicle that Nakamura "flipped a player into a handstand and pretended to eat spaghetti out of his crotch area during a pre-practice skit" and once crawled across a field while naked.

• One player claims Giarratano saw Nakamura crawling on the field naked and kissed his cross and looked skyward as it was happening.

Let's be honest here, these are some of the tamest abuse allegations you're going to see out of a sports program, but it tells us where things are at these days where the athletes hold the power. Don't like how a coach talks to you? File a lawsuit.

The penis-swinging thing is weird, sure, but we're talking about a town where fentanyl junkies are laying in the streets taking dumps all over themselves while passed out from another high. USF's home park is two miles from one of the most notorious hells on earth in the form of the Tenderloin district.

Is it possible to hate both sides of this story equally? How about we keep it in the pants and we grow a spine. Or not. It's 2022.

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