Cleveland Indians Give Update On Franchise Nickname Change

The Cleveland Indians will remain the Indians for the time being, but eventually they will get rid of the nickname and a new nickname for the longtime MLB franchise will come into play.

Cleveland's baseball franchise has been known as the "Indians" since 1915. They have won two World Series, in 1920 and 1948. Since then, they have had the longest championship drought of all major league teams.

They had a shot in 2016 when they took on another team that had a drought winning a title, the National League's Chicago Cubs.

The two teams played a classic seven-game affair that ended up going into extra innings in the rain at Progressive Field in Cleveland before Chicago scored two in the 10th inning to take home an 8-7 win and a title.

Cleveland since then has had some chances, but overall haven't gotten back to the Series. The rumblings of changing their name has done nothing but grow, and last summer the franchise officially announced that the nickname "Indians" would be done away with for something else.

Not much else had been said about the name change until Thursday, when the club released a statement giving some highlights of what has been going on with the search for a new name:

Right now there's "no timeline for name change," but it sounds more and more like something will be decided upon sooner rather than later.

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