Cleveland Guardians Sign Falls Off Team Shop, Crashes To Concrete, On Day Of Name Change

It's a great day to be a Guardian, unless you're the guy who hung the sign to the official team shop.

On the same day that the baseball team once known as the Cleveland Indians made its nickname change official, the Guardians sign fell off the team shop building and crashed to the concrete. How's that for an inauspicious beginning?

So this is the reward for changing your name, which it turns out you will share with a Cleveland roller derby team (but only after settling a lawsuit)? As an aside, the roller derby Guardians sport a considerably more professional-looking logo.

They may also have a logo that actually will stick to the wall when it's hung there. So far, the baseball team can't make even that claim.

As the Associated Press reported, "The decision to drop Indians drew a backlash from some fans who felt team owner Larry Dolan gave in to the wishes of a vocal minority."

So perhaps the sign coming off the building was actually an act of vandalism? But no one suspects that for now.

Instead, it is seen as merely the result of faulty workmanship, some heavy winds and perhaps a bad sign of the future of newly monikered club.

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