Cleveland Guardians Announcer Hilariously Curses On Air

If you didn't know any better, you'd think Harry Doyle was still calling games for Cleveland's baseball team.

Following a Monday night error by White Sox outfielder Gavin Sheets that scored Steven Kwan, Guardians announcer Rick Manning unintentionally did his best Doyle impersonation and cursed his way through Sheets' blunder.

"Are you shitting me?” Manning rhetorically asked broadcast partner Matt Underwood, as Cleveland's Owen Miller unexpectedly made his way to second base.

The Chicago scene lacked only a muted appearance by Monte, a half-empty bottle of Jack, and a Rick Vaughn pitch sailing juuust a bit outside.

Listen to Manning's unedited slip of the tongue below.

Manning, either unaware of his slip or in a hurry to move on, quickly followed his curse by analyzing what he'd just witnessed.

"I thought it might drop in front when it went off the bat," said Manning. "But when I saw (Sheets) got there, he might have taken his eye off it."

He then sort of excused Sheets for the error, explaining that a position switch could've caused some confusion.

"Now he's a first basemen, but he's playing right field.

"But it's a very catchable ball," Manning admitted. "...Clank, off the fingers and it falls."

To the best of our knowledge neither Underwood, nor any of the viewers, reminded Manning that you can't say "shitting me" on the air. Not that it would've mattered. Manning, (or is it Doyle?) likely would've shot back - "Don't worry, nobody is listening anyway."

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