Choose Your Travel Ball Fighter!

Where do I even start with this travel ball collision at the plate video that's been floating around the last 24 hours showing a mohawked catcher up the line and colliding with a travel ball kid who refused to slide and clearly wanted a piece of 'Kole' (Attn: OutKick copy editors -- do not correct that spelling. It reflects the times we're living in.)

Annnnnnndddddd....we have travel ball emotions boiling over! Watch as 'Kole' and his Oaks look straight into Carter's soul and squeeze the life right out of him. Kole doles out the travel ball dad s--t talk, and Carter's officially fed up.

Then we have Harry Wendelstedt (RIP) immediately jumping into the fray to break up this one as fast as possible so he can get the hell outta there and into his air-conditioned car where Brads and Chads can no longer make him feel like getting out of the profession once and for all.

As others have noted, a mohawk typically means the kid wants to eat the first punch because it releases the caged animal mentality. That's why it was so important for Harry to jump on Carter ASAP. A catcher wearing Oaks and a hawk has been severely whooped by older brothers and wants a go at someone his own age.

Now try to figure out which trucks their fathers drive. I'll say:

Kole's dad:

Carter's dad:

Conclusion: Carter should have to serve an eight-game suspension and miss the big 4th of July Firecracker Freedom National Regional Qualifier. That'll teach him to stop and think about what he has done here.

Meanwhile, Kole's dad will be forced to miss a huge boating weekend. He'll load up the dually and head off to the FFNRQ tourney while his ex-wife Jill will be sitting down the left-field line with her 'trainer' Alejandro.

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