Braves Outfielder Ronald Acuña, Jr. Shows Off Crazy Custom Paint Job On $175K BMW

Two-time All-Star and Atlanta Braves outfielder Ronald Acuña, Jr. is balling out with his new, custom BMW — equipped with a paint job set to drive fans wild.

In a video released by XAMPLE, Acuña was documented taking out his BMW X6 M Competition, fit with a custom RA13 logo stamped across the $175,000 whip in a black-and-yellow colorway.

Acuña's business partner, Nick Drbal, thought of the promotional concept to keep the 24-year-old's celebrity status across Atlanta at the top of its game, in case Braves fans weren't already in awe of their star outfielder.

"Ronald and I wanted to brand his logo in a unique and personal way," Drbal told TMZ Sports. "The best way we envisioned this was for his own city to be able to identify who was inside, based on what was outside on the car."

Drbal and Acuña knocked it out of the park with the custom ride.

And heads were definitely seen turning as Acuña went on a test drive out to Truist Park and around Atlanta.


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