Boston Police Continue Search For Two Men Who Broke Into Fenway Park

Police in Boston are looking for two men who were trespassing on the field at Fenway Park back on Sunday, February 7th around 1 am. A video of the men showed up on TikTok Monday.

Security at Fenway Park attempted to confront the two men, but they ran off prior to being caught.

"The Red Sox take matters of security very seriously and are constantly working to improve Fenway Park's comprehensive security systems to prevent future incidents of this nature," read a team statement.

The video showed two men running around Fenway's snow-covered field in the middle of the night. The clip has since been removed from the user's TikTok account.

The Score's official site has the video, showing the two men who look rather young, jogging around the field and then playing a little "air" baseball around home plate.

It remains to be seen what the two trespassers will or will not be charged with, if they are eventually caught by the Boston Police Department.

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