Bold New Nike Red Sox Unis Make A . . . Fashion Statement?

The Boston Red Sox unveiled new threads this morning that will honor the fallen of the 2013 Boston Marathon. Some have been critical of the yellow and blue color way, but I personally don't think they could go wrong.

It's the thought that counts, and for the Red Sox, the $450 price tag in the team store helps too.

We can barely tell these uniforms were made for the Boston Red Sox -- they kinda look like those of a college baseball team. Regardless, it's the right move to do something to remember that tragic day.

People may have forgotten that the New York Yankees tried to do something similar by wearing commemorative hats on 9/11, but commissioner Rob Manfred caboshed the plans. Guess all you have to do is charge almost $500 at the team store to get approved these days. Would be nice if the Red Sox donated the proceeds, and they could very well could do so. We just haven't seen any announcement yet.

For once, nice work here, Nike.

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