Big Day For Bednar Family: David Gets First MLB Win, Will Keeps Miss St. Alive in CWS

As Pirates pitcher David Bednar secured his first career win against the White Sox on Tuesday night. His younger brother, Will, dominated as the Bulldogs continue their run in the 2021 College World Series.

David Bednar didn't soak up the spotlight after his big accomplishment, though. He turned it toward his brother by sporting the maroon and white at his post-game press conference and making sure to say “Go Dawgs” twice, the Post Gazette reports. While he was happy with his own accomplishment, he said he still thinks his brother takes the cake this week. He also showed love to their biggest fans — their parents.

“It's unbelievable,” David Bednar said. “During the week, they'll come down here, and then on the weekends, they'll drive down either to Starkville or wherever plays. Then, they made the trip to Omaha, and now they're staying hopefully for the whole thing.”

On Tuesday, the Bednar parents were in Omaha watching Mississippi State defeat Virginia 6-5 in a comeback win. So unfortunately, they didn’t get to see David’s win live.

“I think if they were to miss a game, this would be the one reason they were OK with,” David Bednar said.

David said he tries to watch all of his brother’s starts, but that it was much easier to do so during spring training. He said he does his best to follow along, especially in Will’s three tournament games so far.

Their parents won’t get a break in the travel anytime soon as the youngest Bednar is expected to begin his professional playing career this coming season. He is currently a top-40 prospect in the 2021 MLB draft.

“I think he's able to see it and knows that it is a real possibility, and it’s definitely within reach,” David Bednar said. “It's been really cool to watch that process and see how he's been able to develop.”

As the brothers reach the height of their careers at their respective levels, their sibling rivalry stays strong, and they push and support each other, even when they’re 900 miles apart.

“There’s definitely a little competition between us, but it’s all in good fun,” David said, per the Post Gazette. “We definitely push each other. Seeing all the success he’s having is unreal. He deserves every bit of it. It’s been a lot of fun to watch.”

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