Are The Yankees Eyeing Star Shortstops This Off-season After Moving Gleyber Torres Back To Second Base?

Before this afternoon's matchup with the Twins, Yankees manager Aaron Boone decided to move shortstop Gleyber Torres back to second base. The team caught plenty of criticism for shifting Torres from second base because he has struggled mightily at the plate ever since the move, and now it seems they're reversing course.

Does this mean the Yankees will eye a star free agent like Corey Seager or Trevor Story this offseason? I think it's likely.

Trevor Story

The good news for the Yankees is that they aren't forced to stick with Torres next year. Sure, he's under team control for a few more years, which makes him attractive for the team to keep, but how important can control over a polished turd honestly be? GM Brian Cashman and the Yankees can save all the money they want when the product is a 24-year-old shortstop who's been below league average offensively and defensively the past three seasons.

Gleyber Torres has been dismal, so who else can the Yankees grab?

Well, Trevor Story would be a nice fit, and if they move fast, the Yankees could get Story on a bit of a deal since the two-time All-Star is in the midst of a down year. They won't get a career .272 hitter playing above average defensively with 154 career homers on the clearance rack, but it's cheaper than another option I'll name if they have aspirations to save and spend on some pitching.

Corey Seager

This is the real prize for the Yankees, and Corey Seager's agent should know it. A left-handed contact-first bat penciled in ahead of Aaron Judge. He's exactly who the Bronx fanatics would want coming up with the game on the line, and Corey Seager should cash in because of this. Doesn't mean the Yankees shouldn't nibble on the bait, though.

His only issue, I should mention, is that he's dealt with the injury bug over the years. Seager's last two seasons were successful since he played in nearly every game. However he's participated in just 27 games in 2021. The New York Yankees can't deal with more injuries going forward -- they need players they can rely on going forward, but it's possible the team doesn't have the perfect option.

Regardless, either choice for the Yankees is a massive upgrade over Gleyber Torres. The current Yankees second baseman isn't hitting, fielding, or even running hard to first base in the middle of a Wild Card race. Gleyber Torres is a dud. If he keeps his job, Cashman should really consider signing a shortstop worth a damn, rather than plugging a bunch of misfit infielders where they don't belong to save money.