Angels Stadium Sale Potentially on Hold Due To Mayor's Illegal Activity

Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu is reportedly under federal investigation for profiting off the recent sale of Angels Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Angels.

As reported by The Los Angeles Times, Sidhu has been linked to the sale through ”unlawful” activity.

“An affidavit filed in federal court May 12 says authorities are investigating whether Sidhu ‘shared privileged and confidential information with the Angels during stadium sale negotiations, actively concealed same from a Grand Jury inquiry, and expects to receive campaign contributions as a result,’” the Times reported.

The investigation is also looking into Sidhu trying to register a personal helicopter in Arizona in order to avoid paying California sales tax.

“Had he registered the helicopter in California, he would have owed $15,888 in sales taxes. Had he registered the helicopter in Arizona, he would have owed $1,025, as a vehicle tax,” the report added.

Orange County Superior Court is considering putting the sale on hold over ”serious allegations of unlawful conduct.”

“We are troubled by this,” said Anaheim city manager Jim Vanderpool in a statement. “Throughout this process, Anaheim staff and the City Council have worked in good faith on a proposal that offered benefits for our community.”

Mayor Sidhu did not respond to the allegations.

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