Angels Fire Joe Maddon After 12 Straight Losses

The Los Angeles Angels have lost 12 straight games for the first time since 2016 and are now firing manager Joe Maddon.

Boy, that hit the fan quick.

Just a few weeks back, the Angels were beneficiaries of a much-improved pitching staff and that offense couldn't stop hitting.


Now, Mike Trout's bat is ice cold and the team can't win a ballgame. That happens from time to time, but given the Angels' track record of disappointment, they don't have time for slow starts. The Angels now sit 8.5 games of the first-place Astros in a season that looks eerily similar to years past.

And whether fans agree with this move or not, you don't drop a dozen ballgames in a row and keep your job. Skids happen, but teams don't just trip into a black hole of a losing streak without issues in the clubhouse. Either players are giving up or they weren't inspired by Joe Maddon anymore.

"The Angels have received Joe Maddon of his duties as Angels manager today," the team said in a statement. "Phil Nevin has been named interim manager."

Nevin is the man that couldn't coach third base worth a lick for the Yankees last year. Players respect him, though. Maybe that's what this team needs? Or just a cigarette?

Maddon won two World Series, one coming with the Cubs to break the curse in 2016 and the other with the Angels back in 2002.

He won Manager Of The Year three times and none of these accolades could save his job. A quality manager that may retire from baseball after this one...he's 68 years old. Maybe it's time to call it a career?