Angels Fan Goes Through Hell Retrieving Foul Ball, Was It Worth It?

One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from back in my beer pong days of college. One late night, a fraternity brother got upset at me because I had let him become the default ping pong ball retriever after the opposing team's shots.

During his rant, he said, "There's no cool way to chase a ping pong ball," and folks, that has stuck with me for over a decade now. My fraternity brother was spot on in his analysis, and I've never looked at a ping pong ball the same way.

Granted, I don't know how he thought that was going to help his case. After that now obvious discovery, I was even less likely to want to retrieve rogue ping pong balls bouncing across the floor. But I do greatly appreciate his words of wisdom, as it still applies to this day.

And like a ping pong ball, there's no cool way to chase a foul ball -- especially after that foul ball just hit you in the throat. Apparently, someone didn't tell this L.A. Angels fan at a game against the Royals on Thursday night.

Not only did this foul ball bounce and hit the fan in the jaw/throat, he then proceeded to bang his head against the table as he competed with another fan for the ball. Check it out.

Lucky for him, he did come up with the ball -- man, this story could've been so much worse had he failed after all that. With that being said, this guy just threw his eyes into the edge of a public table to make that happen, and he did it with the cameras rolling.

At least when I was chasing around ping pong balls, I did so in the privacy of my own fraternity's basement. The party lights were on, so it was dark and the music was rolling. I was in a setting where making the attempt, while not ideal, was worth it -- if I couldn't convince my partner to get it for me.

Doing it in public with the chance of it being caught on camera? Yeah, no. But at least you now know why I won't chase foul balls at baseball games. If I can't catch it in my beer, I don't want it.

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