Aaron Boone Sticks Up For Yankees' Aaron Judge, Gets Tossed

Yankees manager Aaron Boone took on the tall task of standing up for his right fielder, 6'7" Aaron Judge, on Wednesday night. His efforts resulted in a wasted wad of gum and an early shower.

In the top half of the eighth inning, home plate umpire Marty Foster, who apparently left his glasses in the clubhouse, handed Judge a strike on a questionable outside pitch, prompting Boone to engage in some unplanned one-on-one time with Foster.

Before Blue Jays hurler Yimi Garcia could attempt another pitch, Boone shot out of the dugout, tossing his gum to the ground and charging towards Foster. What ensued was the typical manager-to-ump grown man argument.

You know how it goes: both parties engage in a competition to see who can let more f-bombs fly, mutual finger pointing briefly takes center stage, saliva is unintentionally swapped and eventually, the manager gets a head start on dinner plans while blue is left to compose himself and continue calling balls and strikes.

The only standard ingredient missing from this manager-to-ump meltdown was the oft-seen chest to chest interaction. Maybe next time.

WATCH Boone get tossed below.

The Yankees, who trailed 2-1 at the time of Boone's ejection, eventually fell by that same score. Had Foster called more balls than strikes, there may have been a different outcome. That possibility, along with Boone's actions, weren't lost on Judge.

“I appreciate it,’’ Judge said following the loss. “I voiced my opinion to Marty to let him know what I thought of the calls. That’s all I can do. That’s why I’ve got a manager to stick up for me. … He stood up for me.”

Unlike Foster's balls and strikes, that's one opinion that's tough to argue.

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