A-Rod Revealed Six Moves He'd Make As MLB Commissioner

Few have ever asked what Major League Baseball would look like if Alex Rodriguez were running the show. But that didn't stop A-Rod from offering up his suggestions as to what he'd change if he were to unseat Rob Manfred as commissioner.

In the midst of ESPN's Sunday "KayRod" broadcast between the Phillies and Mets, Rodriguez took a break from game action to lend his opinion to a segment titled “If A-Rod was commissioner for a day.”

Though a relaxed stance on performance enhancing drugs and mandatory men's makeup failed to make A-Rod's list, he did offer six other suggestions aimed at improving America's past time. Included was an altered strike zone aimed at creating more contact and in turn, more fan excitement.

“We want more contact. In order to induce more contact, we need to lower the ball,” said Rodriguez. “So, make the strike zone more wide and less tall. … when you look at this plate, it’s 17 inches, let’s make it 21 inches. But let’s make that ball go lower.”

In addition to changing up the strike zone, A-Rod would like to see an "illegal defense" instituted -- mandating that a player has one foot on the dirt.

Putting cameras on all 60 batting cages and giving fans access to that footage, along with other behind the scenes and in-game content -- specifically via phones -- are other areas A-Rod deems necessary to improve the game.

Rodriguez, part of MLB's elusive 3,000 hits club, offered two final suggestions: He'd like to see the number of pitchers rostered per team limited to 10 and push for more general entertainment to surround the game. He made the comparison to NFL and NBA halftime shows and even tossed out names like Beyonce and Jay-Z to contribute.

In the eyes of A-Rod, baseball's got 99 problems, but a pitch ain't one.


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