MLB World Series Futures – Value Bets

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The lockout is over, so we now have 150+ days of baseball to bet on! I can’t wait for the daily grind and finding the best plays for us, but right now, we are focused on what we should bet for the World Series. These are going to be about value, not necessarily something you have to bet.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers are, in my opinion, the team to beat. They are likely to win a ton of games once again, and make it to the playoffs. I’d be pretty surprised if they don’t win the division, but they were a Wild Card team last year so just keep that in mind. That makes it harder to make it to the World Series. Anything can happen in the playoffs, but I’d be surprised if you find a much better number than the +470 you get now. During the season, I think we are going see them go lower, so if you like them, grab them now. If you believe they are going to win, maybe you’ll get lucky and they are off to a slow start and you can grab them at a little better number, but I wouldn’t count on that. Dodgers +470.

Chicago White Sox

I am a Cubs fan. I need to start with that, and this probably will be helpful to explain that I must really like them if I am saying this: I think the White Sox have the best chance of winning the World Series in the American League. They have a strong pitching staff, they have a good bullpen, and their lineup is going to be hard for anyone to get past. At +1000, I am taking a ticket on them to win.

Some dark horses:

The Cardinals at +3500 could win the World Series. They seem to always be in it and the team invests in them so they remain successful. Their pitching staff has a lot of question marks, but I do think they are good enough to get to the playoffs where anything can happen. They could deal for an arm, they could have Jack Flaherty be the ace that I think he is. I like the value here.

The Baltimore Orioles +50000. Just kidding. The Los Angeles Angels at +3000 has a little potential. I’m higher on them than most are, but I think they just need one more arm to get to the playoffs. If Noah Syndergaard can pitch like he is capable of, and Ohtani replicates some of his MVP season from last year, the Angels should have a chance. If Mike Trout, the best player in baseball, plays a full season, I like it even more. That’s a lot of ifs, but at 30:1, I think it is worth it.

As far as teams like the Astros, Yankees, Blue Jays, Mets. I think they will all fluctuate and you’ll have a chance to watch them a bit before you need to bet on it. I’d rather lose a little value on these teams and start to believe in them. I don’t think the Astros will be the same without Correa, the Yankees have no pitching staff, the Blue Jays might not be able to replicate their success from last year, and the Mets are still the Mets.

Written by David Troy

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