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MLB Source Leaks That Media Would’ve Pressured Players

Jake Tapper says that an informed source told him that MLB moved its All-Star Game proactively, knowing that if it didn’t, the media would’ve hounded players for months, leading to several individual boycotts.

Tapper’s thread reveals several important points.

First, this appears to be a strategic leak to make MLB look better after receiving tremendous backlash for relocating the All-Star Game. The source likely saw this as a way to a) make it sounds like the alternative would’ve been more distracting and more political; and b) that MLB took one for the team, having the backs of its players.

A story like this one gets out when someone wants it out. That’s not a knock on Tapper. He reported what he was told and, based on the reaction, got a major scoop.

Strategic also doesn’t mean false. It’s true that the media would’ve relentlessly hounded and pressured players to boycott the game. When the sports media have a chance to call something racist — even with virtually no facts to back it up — they take it. Some MLB players would have subsequently caved out of fear. Some players because they believe President Joe Biden’s lie that the Georgia voting bill is Jim Crow 2.0/on steroids/Jim Eagle, but most care far more about their bottom lines than the truth. 

What happened here is the same idea behind the cancel culture movement: put companies in no-win situations and wait for them to choose the easy way out. In caving on the All-Star Game, MLB sadly joined a long list of spineless corporations.

At some point, a prominent business must push back, point out the facts, and expose the idiocy of this movement. Yes, MLB would’ve received backlash either way, but it also could’ve put these reporters to the test by making them explain what’s racist about voter ID. Knowing most in sports media, they wouldn’t have much of an answer. MLB should have let the media and select players look foolish, not its brand.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers any news story that deserves attention but focuses on media. His interests include reading Stephen King novels, avoiding traffic on the road, and pretending to solve true-crime mysteries. He still believes Cersei should've won and encourages everyone to always question the news.


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      • MLB could have helped that small percent of people without a valid ID with the assistance to get a valid ID while acting like a compassionate organization. Hell they could even pick up their tickets at Will Call and maybe get a job at Delta, Home Depot or a major corporation. It was more important to be Woke and piss off half the country. Seems like they could hire smart people in their organization to help them solve problems and be seen in a favorable light by the entire fan base. I am sure their PR group is diverse but in this situation incompetent.

  1. They can stand in against a 100 mph fastball but they can’t face questions from SJW media schlubs? That’s some weak sauce.

    You’re exactly right that some players should have pushed back to force the media dummies to explain just what about the Georgia election bill was racist. Let them actually say the words that minority people are incapable of getting themselves an ID. That’s the bogus basis of all the outrage, right?

    Why don’t more POC call bullshit on this tactic? Too used to calling everything “racist” to differentiate? Eager to get their way regardless of integrity and truth? All their silence does is possibly confirm the limitations of which they’re accused.

  2. I stopped watching baseball last year and this seals the deal for me. As much as I love baseball, this hasn’t been hard and now I have a lot more time to get ess done around the house.

  3. I suppose there can be a push to have the players boycott the ASG for the reasons MLB moved the event, to begin with? As a player, I would be wondering why the league is determining my thoughts and actions, in my place. What kind of precedent does that set?

  4. A classic misdirection play —> The whole point of the voter ID uproar was to play action fake handoff of racism accusations for African Americans…. only to throw a bomb to the illegal immigrant Hispanics they have promised all the “free” goodies for.

    It’s the only reason they are trying to eliminate the necessity of an ID to vote.

  5. This makes MLB look like bigger, stupider pussies than before. Oh your worried about the media making it political? Then punish the media by telling players they aren’t obligated to speak to them anymore and stop granting access to those who want to push the issue, then “take one for the team” by taking the heat from the crying media over no access. Let what would probably be a small amount of players boycott and face the backlash then rather than tell half(and really even more) of the fan base to fuck off. Frankly I don’t care anymore, much like I do with nba, I laugh at the collapsing numbers.

  6. MLB was my favorite pro sports league and this killed my joy for the game.

    Outside of watching Trevor Bauer youtube videos and checking the Royals score…that’s about as much interest as I have in the game.

  7. What wasn’t in the MLB calculation?

    The media hounding players to say they “approve” of moving the game.
    Why did MLB know that the media would drop it and let the players alone?
    Will the conservative media hound players to get them to say on the record that they approve of the move?
    Will any players be asked if they will boycott the game because of the move?

    Seems a pretty one sided and convenient calculation.
    Almost like it was coordinated with the Manhattan media in advance.

  8. So, what are the chances of the Commiecrats hypocrisy showing its true colors and allowing a full stadium for the All-Star game?! Also, regardless of the % of the stadium that’s allowed to be used, would it surprise anyone that Coca-Cola, Delta and the rest of the Woke companies will have bought the tickets and given them to family and friends to give the optics that REAL fans showed up in droves to support MLB!! Only 9% of MLB players are black, but it would be comical to see those attending the game be majority black!! LOL

  9. Does no one remember when Augusta flipped the bird 20 years ago, as they did again this week?

    “Fine. We’ll air without commercials. Boycott us. Don’t watch.”

    More sponsors now than ever, most popular tourney on PGA Tour, and more $$$ than ever.

    Follow Hootie Johnson’s lead. #DBAP

  10. MLB should have put out a statement: “Major League Baseball supports voting rights for all citizens. A look at the laws of Georgia and other states with major league teams shows that almost all of them require some form of ID, so moving the game from the predominantly black city of Atlanta would have been an unnecessary hardship for local businesses and fans. At the same time, moving the game from the city where Hank Aaron hit his record-breaking 715th home run would have tarnished the celebration of that milestone event.”

    It wouldn’t have placated the Bomani Jones and Keith Olbermann’s, nor some players, but it would have allowed MLB to save face without alienating its fan base.

  11. At some point this going to turn. There is going to be some company that says “F**k you. We don`t care what you plan on doing”. These companies just need to call these losers bluff. The scare tactic is almost always built on a house of cards.

  12. Victor Davis Hanson has a great column today noting that corporations cave in to SJ anarchists because they are more afraid of protests / boycotts from the radical Left than from any form of backlash from “the Right”. ..

    The corporations are AFRAID of The Radical Left …. but not The Right.

    • And that makes total sense. I get into it all the time with those who say they’re on the right and keep up with the moral high ground shit. They know those moral high ground people will cave and go back if they even make any noise in the first place. Too many conservatives have become flat out complacent pussies over the years and it why we aren’t losing but have lost the culture war and our country

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