MLB Sides Are Talking Again. Sort Of.

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MLB’s Dan Halem and MLBPA’s Bruce Meyer are planning an informal one-on-one meeting to rekindle last week’s failed talks, according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan. These two serve as the lead negotiators for the two sides and the fact that they’re working back to the table is a positive for those that want baseball to return.

ESPN’s also reporting that the meeting is set to take place in New York after commissioner Rob Manfred cancelled six games for all 30 teams. Not the end of the world for the owners as many writers have alluded to the fact May attendance has never driven profits for the suits. That said, the player’s checks all clear the same no matter the month, so returning to the table sooner rather than later makes sense from their side of the table.

Moments ago, USA Today’s Bob Nightengale tweeted that the meeting between Dan Halem and Bruce Meyer has concluded after 1 1/2 hours. They’re said to have discussed “most of the issues”, which likely include banning the shift, full-time DH’s, and tax thresholds that’ve kept major markets from spending. Despite that progress, no offers came from either side.

Don’t be surprised if the players feel the need to push this lockout into April to scare owners into a middle ground. That might be the only effective card they can play.


Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

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