Details on MLB Opening Night Viewership

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Last night, the MLB season opened to large viewership.


The Yankees’ 4-1 win over the Nationals drew 4 million viewers. That’s the highest for a regular-season baseball game since 2011. *It’s important to note, the average does not include the rain delay as the game was ultimately called in the 6th.

The Dodgers’ victory over the Giants averaged 2.8 million viewers.

It was great to have sports back last night. Unfortunately, the games have been overshadowed in sports talk by the players kneeling. If this holds up through the season, the distraction will hurt the league’s ratings. But the season is off to an impressive start.

As a casual baseball fan, the 60-game season is appealing to me. The games matter.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. There was too much politics in there- understandable for the opening night. During the Yankees game, when they were going to various players showing their SJW merit badges, I was waiting for them to show the players that did not have both the BLM badge and the “United For Change” badge. But they wouldn’t show any player without both badges. My guess is every player is wearing all of the merit badges, regardless of their stance.

  2. Glad My Nats won last year.
    And glad I got to see them in the playoffs beating the Brewers in dramatic fashion on their way to the championship In 2019.

    BUTT I Can’t watch this SJW crap. Let me know when it’s over. Maybe I’ll come back.

  3. I can’t imagine Venezuelan big leaguers see anyone as oppressed in America – considering their homeland.

    I doubt MLB will go as hard as other leagues on SJW issues. Today I saw a PNC logo where the BLM dirt patch was. I highly doubt non-American players really care. For example, Shohei Ohtani will be asked about being a two-way player, not his stance on these movements. The diversity in MLB will do a good job to remove most groupthink from overtaking teams.

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