MLB Players Pick Sides In One Of Society’s Greatest Debates: Aisle Or Window Seat?

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Which seat on an airplane is better — the window or the aisle — is a hotly debated topic.

Alright, so it’s not like wars are starting over it or anything, but everyone has a preference. Seeing as Major Leaguers spend a lot of time on planes, surely they’d have some takes on which one they prefer.

Hat tip to the MLB social team for coming up with something a little different. Take a look at their video and see if you and your favorite ballplayers share similar preferences in airline seats.

There were a few standout answers in that clip. For one, Milwaukee’s Rowdy Tellez’s answer that he stands up for the entire flight, if true, is wild. The guy must have the strongest legs in the majors if he’s refusing to sit on cross-country flights.

Angels star Mike Trout and Phillies outfielder Brandon Marsh are both avowed window guys, both of them saying they liked being able to see out of the giant metal tube they’re sitting inside of at 30,000 feet.

Brett Phillips of the Angels hit on one of the biggest pro-aisle arguments, how it offers a quick getaway down the aisle and to the bathroom. This makes him and Trout perfect seatmates.

Is There A Perfect Seat?

First of all, major respect to frequent urinators who recognize their toilet needs upfront. The poor person in the middle seat is already miserable. Making them get up (or stepping over them with your junk and/or ass in their face) 3 to 4 times on a two-hour flight, because you wanted to sit at the window and look at clouds, should be enough for an air marshal to arrest you.

There are pros and cons to both positions. Like on the aisle, you get some free bonus legroom. You can shove those Hushpuppies of yours straight out into the neutral zone until a beverage cart comes along. It also comes with a quick getaway to the bathroom which can be huge if you’re in the middle of the plane. To reach the bathroom there you need a strong start and a good bit of luck.

The aisle seat can give you a nice jump in the dash to the lavatory. Few things are more enraging than waiting to use the restroom only for Ethel from Fort Meyers to hop out of her seat in front of you and shuffle into the bathroom.

This is one of the problems with the window. You have to wait for the people next to you to fold up their trays before you can even begin the journey to the bathrooms conveniently located at the front and rear of the cabin.

I pick my seat based on numerous factors (how long the flight is, the volume of liquids consumed in the terminal, whether or not I want to sleep, etc.). That said, I think I tend to favor the window. I like leaning against the window to sleep and I love the power trip that comes with controlling the sunshade.

I’ll take an aisle because as long as I can avoid the dreaded middle seat, I won’t complain.

Alright, I will complain, just maybe not as much.

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