MLB Player Stoops to New Low Over Fantasy Football Dispute

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Cincinnati Reds Outfielder Tommy Pham turned some heads after slapping San Francisco Giants Outfielder Joc Pederson. Pederson later explained to reporters that Pham slapped him over a fantasy football dispute. Watch the video below to hear Hutton, Chad, and Paul discuss the situation, plus see the slap and the gif that Pederson sent that upset Pham.

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  1. That guy is a tinderbox ready to blow. Didn’t he have some similar outburst about fighting people before the season started? I’d keep an eye on that guy, like consider a much longer suspension. That was completely unwarranted. That’s how 16 y/o hoodrats “handle” issues maybe. Do you really want a guy who could blow up for no reason hanging in dugouts all over the country, some teams will have players that played him in a stupid fantasy game. Can’t let that go, it’s too serious.

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