MLB Just Can’t Get Behind on the Testing Like This

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If you were given a survey asking which of the three major professional sports — NFL, NBA, or MLB — would be in the news for 5-6 teams failing on coronavirus testing logistics during July 4th weekend, MLB would win in a landslide, right?

Well, that’s what’s happening:

I get that it was a holiday weekend and the world slows down a little bit, but this is completely unacceptable that as much as 20 percent of the teams in MLB are having issues with the testing logistics.

Mike Trout had a quote a few days ago about what happens when one person messes up:

“I think everyone has to be accountable,” Trout said. “A lot of guys have families, some are single and younger, need to get out of the house. It’s going to take a group effort, and one guy can mess this up. One guy can go out and not wear a mask and contract this virus and bring it into the clubhouse. Everyone has to take responsibility, everyone has to think about each other, think twice about doing this, doing that, be safe as possible. It takes one guy to bring that into the clubhouse, and you know how contagious this virus is. It’s going to be tough to contain.”

Now think about the ramifications if entire teams fall behind with testing, and thus their preparation for the season. It’s not as though there’s any more time to spare.

As aggravating as the money squabbles were between the MLB and MLBPA, this season could be truly outstanding. A 60-game sprint introduces scarcity that everyone has wondered if the sport is missing compared to other leagues, and expanded playoffs add a level of variance such that a high proportion of teams will be in plausible contention for a lot of it.

The only thing MLB can’t mess up is the tests, and right now they’re doing that. They need to figure it out fast.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. MLB doesn’t seem to want to play. Instead of just coming out and saying it, they’re delaying every aspect of this until they run out of time. Then they will say they tried to play but logistics worked against them.

  2. I agree that MLB and the NBA don’t want to play. It’s ironic, because MLB could have crushed all other American sports by playing on the 4th of July And they needed that. It’s a GAME and players think it’s life and death.

    That decision not to play; or lack of a coherent decision may signal a breaking point for fans. Pro sports are in a bubble kept away from fans.

    *Ryan Zimmerman of my Nationals has made $120 million + in his career. He signed to come back and play ceremoniously for the Nats this year. He is sitting out. Why play for a small salary compared to $100 million in the bank?

    As he announced his decision, he qualified it by saying, ‘I am not one of those that thinks we should all hide away (or whatever)’ but that’s what he is doing. Why? Because he has made TOO much.

    There, I said it.
    Someone had to say it.

    Athletes are over paid. They are so over paid, that instead of taking a risk of any kind, they choose to take no risk. Take the $$ and sit. Welp, that’s not what sports are about. When you compete, risk is everywhere. Especially when a 100 mph fastball is coming at your face.

    If Ryan Zimmerman got sick and spread his sickness to his family, he can afford to pay a small hospital to treat his family. He is above the Frey. He is above you and me. And he just said it by not playing. He isn’t worth the salary he was going to be paid this year and now he is raising his middle finger while giving us a kiss.

    We are just pee-ons (google what that means).

    Thanks rich spoiled athletes. We cheer for you. And we used to pay to see you. We may still pay, but maybe not so much anymore. Likely not so much.

    Thanks Ryan for taking all the good will from last year’s WSeries run and pooping ? on it.

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