MLB Bans ‘Trump Won’ Banner Hanger From All Of Its Stadiums

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Major League Baseball is butt hurt over a “Trump Won” banner. The same league that bent over to liberals and moved the All-Star game from Atlanta to Colorado, has now banned a fan from all MLB stadiums and facilities because he previously brought a “Trump Won” banner with him to games this summer.

The banner-carrying fan, Dion Cini, took to twitter to share MLB’s latest stumble.

As a result of unfurling his banner, Cini has already been ejected from Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, Citi Field and Citizens Bank Park this summer. The progressive MLB is apparently OK with its players undressing in front of tens of thousands of fans but can’t bear seeing a “Trump Won” sign hanging in one of their stadiums.

MLB’s letter to Cini stated the following: “This activity is prohibited at each of these stadiums, and your fan code of conduct violations resulted in the ejection from each of them. A review of your public statements indicates that you intend to continue this behavior at other Major League Baseball stadiums, and that you are conducting others to conduct themselves likewise. For these reasons, and effectively, you are hereby banned from all Major League Baseball stadiums and facilities, indefinitely.”

Though Cini won’t be back in the stands this summer, that doesn’t mean “Trump Won” banners won’t still find their way into ballparks.

A supporter of our 45th president, Cini previously told Insider that when he first displayed a Trump banner (reading: Trump 2020) at Yankee Stadium in 2018, Trump noticed and was appreciative: “After I did Yankee Stadium three years ago, which is Trump’s favorite stadium, he called, and he tweeted, and he Instagrammed, and he said, ‘Thank you, please don’t stop. I’ve interacted with the Trump family multiple times. I’m not directly part of the Trump Organization, but they know who I am, they know what I’m doing, and they like it.”

After consecutive weeks of head-scratching decisions from Major League Biden, er, Baseball – it’ll be interesting to see what flub they have in store for next week.




Written by Anthony Farris


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    • I’m with you, Dennis. Stopped watching all pro sports except some golf. Only college football is worth it. Never thought I could ever give up pro sports, but like you said, it gets easier and easier.

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