TV Host Goes Wild On Idiotic Prankster During Interview, Demands Security Get Rid Of Him

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Andre Walker tore into TikTok prankster Mizzy in an exchange that needs to be seen.

Mizzy has made a name for himself in England for doing pranks that are downright cruel and unbelievably stupid, including stealing a woman’s dog. He’s also gotten into people’s vehicles and walked into a person’s house. Fortunately for his safety, he’s not in America. Walking into someone’s house unannounced in America and refusing to leave would likely end very differently.

It’s beyond insane his antics continue, and the TalkTV host torched him during an interview for allegedly staring at a different guest in a threatening manner.

Andre Walker goes nuclear on Mizzy during wild exchange.

“You glared at her in a threatening fashion. You do that, and I’ll drag you out by the hair and you can be as hard as you pretend you are. You can be as hard as you pretend you are. You apologize to her right now or you’re leaving,” Walker shouted at Mizzy before the latter just got up and walked away.

“Threatening guests does not happen on my show under any circumstances…We never should have had him on the show. I didn’t want him here. I think the guy is a complete and total fool,” Walker continued without slowing down.

He then demanded security immediately get him the hell off out of the building.

Enough of the nonsense!

Good for Andre Walker for refusing to put up with this idiot’s attitude and actions. He was right to argue the interview should never have even happened.

Mizzy is trying to get famous by terrorizing innocent people. Apparently, the laws in England don’t allow for criminals to really be punished.

Again, this situation would end a lot differently if Mizzy was in America and not England. You break into someone’s house in America, and the best case scenario is you leave in handcuffs. The worst case scenario is you leave in a bodybag. That’s not me encouraging violence. It’s just a fact. A lot of people in America are armed and don’t play games.

A man recently pulled a gun on some people who tried to prank him by pouring water from a gasoline can all over his vehicle.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. It’s not a matter of if you’ll eventually win a stupid prize. It’s only a matter of when. In this situation, Walker rightfully embarrassed and humiliated Mizzy. Good for him. This clown 100% deserves to be dragged. His pranks aren’t funny, are potentially dangerous and he deserves to get ripped for his actions. It’s that simple.

Written by David Hookstead

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