Mizzou Protest Is Total Charade




Not content to just engage in a dumb protest with no cogent political goals, the Mizzou protest officially hit post-satire status this afternoon when Mizzou faculty members — including a communications professor currently doing a research study on 50 Shades of Grey — bullied a student journalist who had the audacity to take photographs of protesters in a public place. 

You know, as he’s constitutionally allowed to do under the First Amendment. 

Watch this video:

My five favorite quotes:

1. “Our friend’s life is on the line and we’re asking you to respect that!”


You can’t put your own life on the line by not eating. Since, you know, you can end the death crisis by eating. 

2. “You lost this one, bro.”

Yes, this reporter totally lost this one. If by “lost this one,” you mean, exposed this protest for the total sham that it is to the entire nation. 

3. “You are an unnecessary reporter, you do not respect our space!”


4. “It’s our right to walk forward.”

Jesus, Mizzou, how can you have so many insufferable losers all bunched together at one time. 

5. Female carrot top professor: “I need some muscle over here.”

This video should make your blood boil if you have any comprehension of the first amendment at all. See, what these protesters believe is all too common on college campuses today — the first amendment should only apply if you agree with what people are saying. Otherwise, you don’t deserve the right to speak.  

Now let’s talk about the two Mizzou employees featured in the video. Why identify them? Well, they bullied a student seeking to report on a major campus event. They’ve thrust themselves into the center of a major story. I think it’s fairly significant that Mizzou, which boasts one of the top journalism schools in the country, is employing people who don’t want the students’ “safe space,” whatever that means, violated. Here’s a crazy idea, maybe pick somewhere other than a public quad to hang out if you need a safe space.

My bad, I got a bit carried away there, too many microaggressions in one sentence. Must be my white privilege talking. I apologize.   

The first employee in this video is Janna Basler, the Greek Life and Leadership assistant director.

The second woman in this video is Melissa Click, she’s a communications professor at Mizzou. A COMMUNICATIONS PROFESSOR. She’s the one who can be heard calling for more muscle. Yesterday she was quoted in the L.A. Times article that demanded the firing of Mizzou president Tim Wolfe. She had this to say then, “His silence is violence.”

Leaving aside a fascinating question — what the hell does “silence is violence” actually mean other than the fact that it rhymes? — how incredibly ironic is it that the same professor who was begging for media attention of the protests two days ago on Facebook is now demanding muscle to bully a student reporter trying to take photographs on the quad?

Shortly after this confrontation the official Twitter account of the protest tweeted this:

Of course, God forbid an Asian reporter violate your “black spaces.” Which, of course, is actually the center of the quad on a university campus. I know this may shock y’all, but it’s almost like these protesters don’t understand how the Constitution works. And who could have foreseen that the protest against racism would tweet racist things? Uh, everyone.  

You should be ashamed of yourself, Mizzou. This is what happens when today’s delicate flower children grow up believing that college should be a place where no one ever says anything to make them sad and those of you on campus with working brains don’t stand up and call them out for being pathetic losers.



We need more professors like this. I love this guy from Yale, he’s my hero. 

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.