Mixed Messages On Race Increasing Polarization

Total135 Before I get to the meat of this column, let me offer a bit of context.  No one who knows me would argue I have a problem with interracial dating, marriage or procreation. I am not a hypocrite.  But I don’t think it’s a coincidence that many of the highest-profile and irresponsible celebrity racial ...





Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Jason is on fire. He is loved by his constituents and feared by his detractors. Now that Jason is free of the shackles of corporate radio, he is becoming the most courageous, insightful, and articulate voice in sports media. The Travis/Whitlock tandem is totally disrupting their industry. Clay’s vision and confidence will drive Outkick to the top.

  2. I disagree on your point that we can’t find common ground. Common ground is the norm. Regular non-noteworthy people that are black & white live in neighborhoods together. We socialize, go to games, and dine together. The vast majority of people get along without conflict. All of that is dog bites man, no news. Conflict get the coverage. Most people are just trying to get through life with some enjoyment and peace.

  3. Jason had me in extreme laughter With several paragraphs. Dave Chapelle look ? out!!! Brilliant stuff.

    I don’t Necessarily disagree with Jason on Candice Owens in a general sense. But Keep in mind she may feel she has additional ‘perceived’ hurdles to overcome. She is super smart like a geek, she is amazingly beautiful and she is a woman in a man’s world (regardless of race). I think she over compensates for that, and what Jason’s point suggests is true.

    I’m of mixed heritage (Armenian father and Irish/Scottish grandparents) and I know what it’s like to not be owned by either side. Even today.

    I’ve had close friends ask me ‘what do your people think About the war in Iraq?’ Probably because I tan so well.
    My Irish grandma told be once, ‘well you’re not Irish’ (with love of course). But there’s nothing one can do about their biology, race, color and creed. Sorry Kaitlyn ‘Bruce’ Jenner

    Has to be tough for Candice.
    Jason is so right, but she can’t help who she loves.

  4. This is definitely a conversation that should be happening in an effort not just for the masses to understand what certain individuals are experiencing but more importantly, for those individuals to better understand themselves.
    And I was really disappointed in Candace Owens with that video. I shut it off probably just a minute in. For me, that was not the time to double-down on a rigid right winged approach nor the appropriate emotional tone.
    I am not a political person but from my perspective, as a white man from rural Indiana, the Democratic policies over the past 3 or 4 decades haven’t created the positive change that needs to happen for minorities in this country. There was a missed opportunity for Candace to build a bridge, not pandering to the other side, but utilizing the unfortunate death of George Floyd as the “common ground” for everyone to start a new healthy conversation around. For my hopes, she completely missed the mark.

  5. You are an amazing writer…. Even if I dis agree with you which is not much…. I know that it is a highly intelligent comment and beautifully written… That is why I signed on to Outkick vip…. No wonder why Mike Florio couldn’t afford you

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