Mitchell Schwartz Says To Blame COVID For His Release, Not Patrick Mahomes

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Mitchell Schwartz is no longer an offensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs. That doesn’t mean he’s not still protecting his quarterback though. He’s still got Patrick Mahomes’ back, metaphorically speaking.

Soon after the team released Schwartz and fellow starting tackle Eric Fisher, criticism followed from every direction. Fans were against the decision, even though they know Kansas City needs to save costs. Releasing Fisher and Schwartz created $18.2 million in cap space.

Some also believe Mahomes did this to himself, that his new contract took up too much cap space, leaving too little money leftover for players like Fisher and Schwartz. That prompted a response from Schwartz, who was quick to point out the truth. His — and Fisher’s — release was the result of impact felt by COVID-19, not Mahomes.

“This is absurd,” Schwartz tweeted. “Look at Pat’s deal compared to any other QB, he set it up to take way less money the first few years than all the rest. We kept everyone we wanted and made the Super Bowl. The pandemic dropped the cap by $25-30 million from the projected amount, blame that not Pat.”

Schwartz makes an excellent point.

It’s not only about where the cap was last year ($198.2). That in itself was a $15.7 million decrease. It’s also about where that number was projected to be in 2021, which was even higher than the $198.2 million.

Seeing Mahomes running for his life in Super Bowl LV was brutal.

As of right now, that looks like it’ll be a much more common occurrence in 2021. But that isn’t just the fault of the Mahomes. Mahomes completing his rookie deal and forcing the Chiefs to renegotiate certainly contributed, but that’s just bad timing.

It’s good to see Schwartz take up for his quarterback.

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  1. IMO the biggest deciding factor in the Super Bowl was KC being without both starting offensive tackles. That’s fighting with one arm. Mahomes had no time to do anything and it completely hamstrung the offense. These are HUGE holes they have to fill. These holes are so significant they will seriously limit what we’ve been use to seeing from KC’s offense.

  2. this will get worse and not better. social media has decided that the NFL is the NBA where one or two guys get all the cash.

    won’t work. mahomes will regret signing that deal. it will change every couple years, but never reduced. enjoy losing KC 😊

  3. Blame “Woke”, not COVID. The NFL lost more revenue on ratings, views, Ad revenue and merchandising than ticket sales and concessions. What did all that kneeling get you in the end? (“The Schwartz” is not strong with this one….)

  4. Yeah it wasn’t the sniffles…it was the ‘wokeness’ and supporting criminals who got shot after they attacked the police.

    Put it this way…COVID wouldn’t have stopped me from watching the NFL. But the fake virtue signalling for criminals did.

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