Missouri Man Catches Catfish He’d Been Chasing ‘For Years’

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Missouri fisherman Wade Kaminski said on Instagram he’d been chasing a massive catfish in the Mississippi River “for years.” Wade finally caught up to that monster over the weekend as he fought a 112-pound Mississippi River blue catfish. “We’re going to need a bigger boat!,” Wade wrote on Instagram about his haul.

While the 112-pound hog is huge, it’s not a record. The heaviest blue catfish catch ever recorded was a 130-pounder caught on the Missouri River. Wade can still be proud of this blue. He went viral over the weekend, leaving the Internet thinking he set some sort of record. Right now it’s great to be Wade.

Put it in the catfish HOF:


Wade’s catch was impressive, but fish of the week has to go to Jags offensive lineman Jawaan Taylor with a 400-pound goliath grouper:



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  1. I immediately thought of the Simpson’s episode where Homer caught that massive catfish “General Sherman.” Life imitating art imitating life. I’m not a big fishing fan but I would love to catch something that big.

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